Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Parts sourcing and costs

Here is the parts list with pictures (courtesy of each vendor), the vendor I am planning to use with a hyperlink to their site, and the current cost of each part. This is not comprehensive but represents the major parts that are necessary for this custom conversion. Additional items will be required to complete the engine and to set up the radiator, the heater cores, and the A/C if I decided to add A/C. I will add parts as the project goes along to maintain this as a comprehensive and up-to-date list as best as possible.
I purchased a used 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.2L naturally aspirated engine, along with ecu, full wiring harness (engine, engine to ecu, and dash) from a local salvage yard. I still need to acquire an altenator, mass air flow sensor, A/C compressor, and ignition system eventually along with various other bits and pieces. The engine was compression tested at 185 psi on all four cylinders and ran well when pulled and had 48,000 miles.
Total Cost $1,000

This is the phase 2 model with OBDII and clocks in at 145 bhp at 5600 rpms and pulls a stout 149 ft-lbs of torque ate 3600 rpms. That is double the stock 70 bhp that the aircooled engine provided!

The two eyeing each other; its like a first date...

Here is a shot of the wiring harness (I get stressed everytime I look at this mess):

And here are the other parts that will need to buy:

Junk Yard

Vanagon Rear Engine Mount Cross Member = $20

Custom fabricate or RJES

Throttle Body Reverser (eng -->1999) or
throttle body reverser02

Induction Manifold Reversal Kit (2000--> eng) : This you can do yourself by flipping the manifold 180* and the flipping the engine wiring harness back 180* so the firing order on teh enjectors remains in the correct order.

Kennedy Engineered Products

Adapter, flexplate and bolts = $480

The adapter is what allows the Subaru engine to bolt to the VW transmission. Since the two parts weren't meant to fit together orginally, an adapter or spacer is placed between the two and has appropriate bolt hole alignment on one side to fit the engine and a different bolt hole alignment to fit the transmission. Note: this picture from Kennedy's site shows a fly wheel for a manual transmission instead of a flexplate for an automatic transmission (that I will need).

Small Car Performance 

Subagon Parts Kit - Automatic Vanagons = $1,495

Hall effect speed sensor kit = $50

Subagon 5qt aluminum oil pan = $330

The shortened oil sump is not necessary, but the stock Subaru oil sump pan hangs pretty low, so if you don't replace it, chances of catching road rocks or other unwanteds compiles. It also reduces approach and departure angles on steep grades or (goodness forbid) 4x4 roads. Shortening the sump while maintain stock oil capacity is the name of the game.

Vanagon stainless exhaust with OE cat = $585

Interface Board = $65

This list should get me started down the road. Most important to the conversion right now is the engine mounting bar, the adapter and flexplate, and the reversed induction manifold. That will allow me to get the engine installed and mounted to the transmission. Then all the small and hard steps begin to make it function appropriately.



  1. Hey Dan!

    My name is Reuben and I am about to embark on my own conversion project on my 1970 Westflaia pop-top! I will be following your blog as close as I can and was wondering if you could send me a compiled parts list as best you can? I am going to try and emulate your fantastic job as best I can :) my email is:


    1. Hi Reuben,

      I am working on putting an Excel sheet together to itemize both parts and costs. I will post it shortly.

      Have fun and enjoy the process!


    2. Dan, likewise - big fan of your conversion, and did you get a chance to post the xlsx file? Would be a huge help!! Or you could email it to me if possible at that would also be amazing. Thank you!

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  3. Hello, thank you for such a nice info! Great build BTW. I am myself trying to source the Subagon 5qt aluminum oil pan that you introduce in your post, but it seems impossible to find it anywhere. Could you please be kind enough to disclose your supplier by any chance?