Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As I mentioned previously, there are quite a bit of good places for information regarding this swap, as well as aftermarket companies that make parts or modify parts to complete the conversion. Unfortunately, most are specific to swaps into Vanagons and none are consolidated into a chronological, cohesive guide for Bay conversions.

Here are excellent online forums to research and explore: (check both Type 2 and Performance forums) (from our friends down under) (Richard Jones has great details and parts) (Yahoo Group dedicated to Vanagons)

Tutorials: Restorations and general information) (the source for Type 2s) (Tom Shiels on wiring, transmission, and more)

Part Suppliers and Vendors: (Palmdale, CA) (England) (Tacoma, WA) (Fort Collins, CO) (Boulder, CO) (New York, ??) (Bend, OR)

There may be many more that people have used and found helpful, but these are predominately the sites and companies that I have based my research on. Feel free to leave a comment if there are other sites/resources that would be helpful to put on this list.


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