Friday, November 19, 2010

The mating

The engine and transmission are together finally after what has felt like an eternity.  It is all the small things that add up to time delays. 

I was able to get a little more work done and installed the new KEP hub and flex plate, got the adapter bolted to the engine,
and the torque converter in.  

I am now excited to get the combo installed in the bus so I can focus on the wiring and running the cooling set up, heater set up and A/C.  I feel vaguely guilty that the starter is still grimy while the rest of the transmission is looking good. 

I used German Specialties for the transmission reseal and while the finished work looks good, I will not go back.  Enough said.

I still need to have the rear mounting bar built to fit the Small Car mount system and Vanagon rubber mounts.  Once I get the engine and transmission positioned and the transmission bolted in place, I will have BMF take the specs and dimensions to build the bar.  A cinch strap will have to suffice for a short while to support the rear (front) of the engine until the bar is built and ready to install.

Another custom piece will be the radiator shroud/air duct, which I intend to have BMF build as well.  The radiator and fans have arrived so I can start specing that out now.   Getting closer...

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