Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ECU Plugs -- Wiring Details

I have been working further on the wiring for my conversion.  At first when I saw the mess of harnesses that I pulled from the donor Subaru vehicle, I thought I would farm out the wiring work.  Well, it turns out no one wanted to do it and/or no one was prepared to work on a 2001 OBDII wiring system when I started!  Guess I'll save some money on this one.

As detailed in an earlier post, I worked through the harness and identified each connector one by one and taped and wrote the plug number and system info.  I then started to windle the wiring down one wire at a time.

And ended up with a big mess of unuseful wires!

I then started detailing the wires from each of the three plugs going from the ECU out to the subsystems and captured all of the pertinent info in docs (connector number (male and female), wire color, and terminal numbers from/to each connector and subsytem each wire belongs to).  Please be advised that this information my be incorrect (tired, blurry eyes) and use it at your discretion.  Also please note that the wiring schematics are for a 2001 USA Subaru Impreza with a 2.2l N/A engine and an automatic transmission.  I am also retaining the radiator system and the A/C system and running fans and components for eac directly from the ECU.

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