Thursday, June 23, 2011

New shoes

I finally ditched the under-rated passenger tires that came with the bus.  I went with General Grabber AT2 27/8.5R14 tires on all four plus the spare.  Adds about 1.5" of lift and helps lower my cruising rpms just slightly.  Busaru now has a nice rugged stance in my opinion.  I also added coil over shocks to the rear, which helped out the slit butt drag present before. 

I was prepared for more road noise due to the tread pattern and all terrain ratings, but I am honestly surprised and quite pleased with how quite these tires are!  I'm toatlly satisfied on all accounts with the purchase of these tires.  Highly recommended.


  1. Nice Van!

    This was my goal as well, 1979 VW camper Van with subaru engine..

    You already made this dream come true! Nice job, how does she drive? Looks great, was it restored before you bought it? looks like somebody had done a new full white paint job inside and out for you.


    SLC Utah

  2. Nathan,

    Thanks! She drives like a dream. No more rocking back and forth going up hills to help out; just push the accelerator and go. It honestly is a blast to drive. I smile everytime I do.

    Yes, the previous owner did a fantastic full repaint inside and out. The engine bay is still the original Mexican Beige and you can see a few places here and there that the repaint didn't catch (like in the fresh air vents on the rear of the bus) but otherwise it is a well done job. The PO also redid the upholstery and the bolster work on the headliner and door cards.

    Good luck with your goal and ask as many questions as you please. I am not a master anything, but I've probably been there/done that on this project and can at least provide my thoughts.