Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rammat, insolite, and reflectix

My next project with Busaru has been to install Rammat and insolite, along with Reflectix and r-15 insulation.  I pulled the entire interior out and proceeded to install Rammat and insolite.  I also used Great Stuff expanding foam in some of the interior cavities.  I was paranoid about potential water spots and so used it only in areas that I was confident would never see water.  It was a very tedious and time consuming job, stealing quite a few evenings that I could have been drinking beer and watching "So You Think You Can Dance."  Just kidding.  I'll let the pictures tell the story once again:

The pic below is actually of my ECU and all of the fans, fuel pump and main relays for the Subaru.  I also have a dual battery isolator from Small Car installed to control my auxiliary battery charge (the thing in the top left of the board).  the control board mounts vertically on the inside of the closet back wall and the wires run through a hole cut in the wheel well.  Just thought I'd show it...

Reflectix going down on top of the insolite...

We are trying out vynal sticky strips that look like bamboo.  I wanted to find a solid piece of laminate but we ended up with these instead.  I am curious to see how well they hold up.

Utility carpet going in.  Some spray adhesive keeps it tight.

Interior going back in.  Kind of a pain to get the bolt and screw holes to all realign!  Lots of fussing.

This is my favorite sticker (the white one).  Look close and pay attention (if you have an attention span...uh, I'm sorry.  What? :-))

"No one can take thr place of Bob."

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